Frequently Asked Questions

What is HELO™ LX?
HELO&trade LX; is not just a smartband. It is a personal device that monitors the Bio Parameters thanks to last generation sensors, completely different from those installed on generally available trackers or smartbands. Thanks to a dedicated app, HELO™ LX is not only able to monitor important parameters but is also able to provide hints to help you improve your life style.

What are HELO™ LX main features?
HELO™ monitors your bio parameters as hearth rate and breath rate and makes a complete analysis to indicate mood and energy.
Through a deep analysys, it also provides informations about the quality of your sleep and your lifestyle.

Does HELO™ LX need a smartphone?
Yes, HELO™ LX uses a Bluetooth connection to work with your smartphone: you just need to download the dedicated app.

HELO™ LX is also able to monitor your parameters for 72 hours without Bluetooth connection and then it synchronizes data to the App as soon as you connect.
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